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Important Dates

Jan 9 Pizza Day

Jan 9 French Immersion Open House @ Gordon PS 6-7pm

Jan 9 Intermediate Trip Parent Meeting 6pm

Jan 13 Breakfast Club Resumes

Jan 16 Sub Day

Jan 17 PD Day

Jan 21 Parent Council Meeting

Jan 22 Int Basketball GAG @ AK Wigg (Boys play first)

Jan 23 Pizza Day

Jan 27 Int Basketball GAG @ Wellington (Girls play First)

Jan 29 Active School Transport Meeting 8am

Jan 29 Int Basketball GAG @ Gordon (Boys play first)

Jan 30 Kindergarten Registration 10am - 6pm

Jan 30 Sub Day

Jan 30 Celebration Assembly 2pm

Feb 3 Int Basketball PE @ GAG (Girls play First)

Feb 4 Int Basketball Semifinals TBD

Feb 6 Term 1 Report Cards Go home

Feb 6 Pizza Day

Feb 6 Fundraising Committee Meeting

Feb 13 Valentine’s Day Activities

Feb 13 Sub Day

Feb 13 Int Basketball Finals TBD

Feb 14 PD Day

Feb 15 National Flag Day

Feb 17 Family Day

Feb 18 Int Girl’s Basketball Tournament

Feb 20 Int Boy’s Basketball Tournament

Feb 20 Pizza Day

As we begin the New Year, at school we will be finishing the assessments and evaluations for the first term. Students will be working hard to demonstrate the knowledge and skills and teachers will be working to document their learning.

Congratulations to the Junior Girls Triple Ball team on their undefeated season winning their league and the playoffs. The Junior Boy’s team finished strong and were the Consolation Champions. We are excited for our Intermediate Basketball teams as their season begins this month.

The first day of Kindergarten is an exciting day for both you and your child. Prepare for the journey ahead by attending one of our DSBN Kindergarten Open Houses. Our Kindergarten Kickstart Open House will be on Thursday, January 30, 2020, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our Kindergarten Open Houses offer families the opportunity to get to know their new teacher, become familiar with their classroom and meet fellow classmates. More information can be found at


We look forward to working with parents, staff and students as we continue to make Glynn A. Green Public School a great place.
Happy New Year to all.

January 6, 2020 Day 7
January 7, 2020 Day 8
January 8, 2020 - Day 9

EQAO School Report 2018-2019

Milk Order Form
Mr. Sub Order Mr. Sub order January 30th
Term 3 Pizza Order Form Pizza form - Term 2