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Message from the Principal and Vice- Principal

Welcome to Glynn A. Green Public School!

The success of students at Glynn A Green School is my #1 priority.  In order to do this, we must create an environment that is professional, safe and has a focus on achieving learning goals for all students.  I am prepared to do anything to improve all facets of our school. Each day we are afforded an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. Our passion at Glynn A. Green is for helping students learn and to provide them with opportunities to develop as responsible citizens of our community and our world. 

Everything is changing – the world, learners, job market, technology, access to information – we have to be catalysts to drive this change.  We need to prepare our students to think critically, solve problems, demonstrate learning through creation and compete in a global society. It is my primary responsibility to support instruction as well as ensure that students are safe.   I strongly encourage members of our community to take risks, develop and share their knowledge and be flexible and innovative as we work together as a community.  Our passion fuels the teaching and learning culture of our school. 

The voice of our parents and students is an important part of making our school strong. You are encouraged to volunteer, attend events and be a part of our community. Ordinary heroes make all the difference!

Pam Voth, Principal

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