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School Council

Glynn A Green School has an active School Council. This hard working group assists with fund raising, co-ordination of parent volunteers, planning for guest speakers, organizing hot lunches and other special activities as well as working with the principal and staff on behalf of the students. Fundraising monies assist the school in providing additional resources, opportunities, and recognition for our students.

The council will also provide suggestions to the school principal, on any matter, and where appropriate, to the school board on a variety of matters that the council has identified as priorities, such as those listed below:

  • local school year calendar;
  • school code of student behaviour;
  • curriculum and program goals and priorities;
  • responses of the school or school board to achievement in provincial and board assessment programs;
  • preparation of the school profile and the school plan;
  • school budget priorities, including local capital improvement plans;
  • school-community communication strategies;
  • methods of reporting to parents and the community;
  • extra-curricular activities in the school;
  • school based services and community partnerships related to social, health, recreational and nutrition programs.

School Council Chair - Jodie Bartlett

If you need to reach out to Jodie, please email to gag@dsbn.org

GAG Parent Council Meeting - September 26 2023

GAG Parent Council Meeting - November 28, 2023

GAG Parent Council Meeting - January 23, 2024